Mission and Goals


The mission of the Division of Science and Mathematics is to provide rigorous science education that promotes Christian faith.


The goals of the division are to provide an education which enables students to

  • integrate an understanding of the Creator with the study of science;
  • exhibit competence in both theoretical and experimental science and mathematics;
  • pursue advanced study in science or mathematics;
  • critically evaluate scientific theories and positions;
  • base decisions on careful evaluation of the facts;
  • understand the historical development of science and mathematics and the interrelationship between these two disciplines;
  • recognize the potential and limitations of the scientific process and mathematical computation;
  • utilize computers and related technology in executing science and mathematics;
  • identify the contribution of science and mathematics to society.

Baccalaureate degree candidates in the Division of Science and Mathematics must complete departmental assessment examinations. These senior exit testing experiences consist of nationally standardized major-field exams. Results from assessment activities are reviewed by the department as part of the college’s commitment to the continuous improvement of student learning.

Assessment results are available in the Division of Science and Mathematics Office and in the Office for Institutional Research.