Business Administration


Learn the tools to lead.

At Union, a degree in business is about a lot more than learning how to make money. If you believe service, leadership and the courage to do the right thing are just as valuable as the bottom line, then a business degree from Union Adventist University may be the perfect fit for you. 

Studying business ensures many future career opportunities in a wide range of professions including marketing, investment, accounting and insurance firms, health care, pharmaceutical sales and many other challenging and exciting fields. Business professionals serve as leaders in their chosen professions; they build teams, communicate efficiently, take initiative, work ethically and responsibly, provide technological proficiency and business awareness, think critically and solve problems.

Why study business?

  • Learn ethical leadership principles that will make a difference in the world.
  • Discover what it takes to run a successful business—whether a multinational corporation or a one-person shop.
  • Use data to accurately predict that can mean the difference between growth or failure.

What the business program provided me, in a word, is confidence. Before attending Union, I was just an inquisitive guy who had a vague idea of what I wanted to pursue. Everything—from the professors to my exceptional classmates to the diverse organizations I was afforded the opportunity to lead—morphed that inquisitiveness into a definable confidence that I took with me into the workplace. I know the opportunity and investment the program made in me impacts my career today, and I continually draw upon that confidence to in turn impact my world.

Jared Weikum
2011 graduate, assistant manager at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
photo Jared Weikum

Real experience starts long before graduation.


of students complete internships

At Union Adventist University, we understand the importance of experience. That's why we connect you with experienced professionals who can teach you valuable lessons—from professors, to local business leaders to mentors in internships.

Why study at Union Adventist University?

  • Gain knowledge and experience from local leaders in the business mentorship program.
  • Make informed decisions through specialized training in data analytics.
  • Learn from professors with experience at major corporations.
  • Strong relationships with multiple hospital systems that provide great internships for our students.
  • Small class sizes allow for more personal interaction with professors who care about your success.
  • We focus on practical application of what you learn. You'll complete projects for real businesses, make strategic decisions in simulated companies and more!

I am always impressed by the quality of the business students Union prepares for today’s work environment. Not only are they leaders in their field of study, but their professionalism and personal insight is tangible to employers. Much of what we see that differentiates these new graduates is their preparation, including their experiences in the Leadership Minor program, for the challenges they will face in their careers. I witness this when I interview them and when they come to work in our organization. Union continues to impress us with the leaders they are preparing for the future.

Morre Dean
1991 graduate and executive advisor to Scripps Health and former hospital CEO
photo Morre Dean

Majors and minors

All business-related majors are offered as a business administration degree. Here are all the options available for business administration:

Accounting (two-year associate of science degree)—Gives a solid foundation in how to organize financial information for decision-making purposes; this degree works for lower-level accounting jobs. (Degree completion guide)

Business Administration (two-year associate of science degree)—Business is in all fields; this degree gives you a solid base of business knowledge and can stand on its own or pair well with other four-year degrees. (Degree completion guide)

Business Administration—four-year bachelor of science (choose one of the emphases):

  • Accounting—Become CPA-ready: Learn how to organize financial information for decision-making purposes and how to understand/analyze a company’s finances. (Degree completion guide)
  • Finance—Learn how to raise make financial decisions for a company, or prepare for a career in banking or investing. (Degree completion guide)
  • Management—Learn specific skills in managing people and projects that can start you in an HR career or prepare you for a management position down the road. (Degree completion guide)
  • Marketing—Learn to portray a company’s image to others, research consumer needs, manage a sales process and effectively advertise products/services. (Degree completion guide)
  • Science—Prepares pre-medical, dental, and optometry students to sit for entry exams (e.g. MCAT) after their junior year, while giving them knowledge to assist in running their own business. (Degree completion guide)
  • Small Business Management—Whether you plan to work in your family’s small business or start your own, this degree gives you good tools. (Degree completion guide)


Union also offers minors in the following areas: accounting, business administration, business analytics, marketing, small business management

Your career options

Accountant or Auditor

Keep track of financial accounts and ensure taxes are paid by organizations or individuals.

Job outlook
4% growth (as fast as average)

Median pay

Financial Analyst

Provide guidance to businesses and individuals making investment decisions.

Job outlook
8% growth (faster than average)

Median pay

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