Start college with your own coach

Union College is a private college committed to helping students find their God-given purpose. Our approach includes small class sizes and teachers who take a personal interest in their students. We also give every first-year student access to a life coach. You may have heard of life coaches that advise top executives. We apply the same principle to new students so you can have every advantage in a college environment.

Each life coach becomes a personal advisor for the students they’re matched with, helping them choose the right courses, explore career paths, and adjust to college life through their first academic year. Life coaches can help a student approach a specific task ("How do I footnote this paper?") or they can help think through super-important questions ("What do I want to accomplish in life?"). They help students set goals, learn study skills, and deal with distractions.

Union's Student Success Center offers more than life coaching. They'll connect you with resources such as:

Free Tutoring

It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are; at some point, you’ll take a class you just can’t conquer on your own. That’s when you need a tutor. Peer tutoring is available for every student for any class taken at Union. And it’s free.

Career Prep

Do you need help finding an internship, writing a resume, practicing for interviews or choosing a major? Student Success has you covered.

Accommodations and disability services

We know college is not a one-size-fits-all experience, and we accommodate the needs of students who learn differently or struggle with physical disabilities. 

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Union: the right size for success

An accredited, comprehensive college, Union has a reputation for turning out top-tier professionals in business, medicine, and education. It offers a positive Christian atmosphere where students connect the classroom with their purpose in the world. Opportunities for leadership and volunteer service abound. An honors program challenges high academic achievers, and Union’s Student Success Center helps students of all academic abilities reach their full potential.

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