CORDmagazine Spring 2019

In this issue ...

Making a difference

  • "Building better communicators," how the Studio for Writing and Speaking was remodeled (p. 2)


  • "Giving as a way of life," by Ken Farrow, featuring Margaret Maxwell Hyde (p. 4)

Campus news

  • "Religion professor presents research on early 20th-century mission movement," by Danica Eylenstein, student writer featuring Dr. Ed Allen (p. 5)
  • "Union College competition builds leadership skills in high schoolers," by Ryan Teller (p. 6)
  • "Union student wins Adventist Missions international film contest," by Stefani Danielle Leeper featuring Caleb Haakenson (p. 7)

Alumni news

  • "Health class inspires graduate to embark on a weight loss journey," by Emily Roque Cisneros featuring Jared Dittmer (p. 8)
  • "Changing the world one kid at a time," by Trena Smith Reed featuring Drew Mekelburg (p. 9)
  • "Contributing to something bigger than yourself," by Trena Smith Reed featuring Spencer Curtis (p. 10)
  • "Inspiring moments of generosity" by Bjorn Karlman featuring Chris Wall (p. 11)


  • "Upcoming renovations at Union College will improve learning and living on campus," by Lauren Bongard Schwarz (pp. 12-13)
  • "Dr. Barry Forbes retires: leaving a legacy of leadership," by Lauren Bongard Schwarz (pp. 14-15)
  • "Union College Red Cross Club provides emergency relief in southeast Nebraska," by Lauren Bongard Schwarz (pp. 16-17)
  • "A living legacy still helps students succeed," by Carrie Purkeypile featuring Barbara Goyne (pp. 18-19)
  • "Thank you: celebrating the donors who gave $3.45 million in 2017-2018 academic year" (pp. 20-21)

In every issue

  • Births (pp. 22-23)
  • Weddings (pp. 24-25)
  • Keep in touch (pp. 26-27)
  • In memory (pp. 28-30)
  • The last word: "Training for the eternal prize," by Dr. Vinita Sauder (p. 31)