Tammi Williams

Assistant Professor of Public Health

Masters in Public Health Studies Program
KC 205

I was always interested in the great outdoors, and in creating a better world. My first degree was a B.S. in biology. Shortly after that, I completed a Masters in Public Health, emphasis in Environmental Health, I went to work in the public sector, helping formulate policy and regulations, implement environmental programs, and investigate possible environmental problems in the community. Ten years later I moved into manufacturing, helping companies ensure that they conducted their businesses as sustainably as possible, and were following all environmental health and safety permits, laws and regulations.

I never lost interest in or sight of the big picture of public health. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I utilized much more of my basic public health knowledge and skills acquired so many years earlier, helping my large employer keep their employees safe from harm while keeping the doors open at the same time. As a Union College (now Union Adventist University) alumnus, I was delighted to see them expand their offerings to a master's degree in public health. I wasted no time asking if I could be involved. After more than 30 years in public and private organizations, I am enjoying the opportunity to help educate the next generation of public health leaders.

Classes I teach include:
MPH 500 Principles of Epidemiology
MPH 530 Foundations of Public Health
MPH 550 Program Management and Logistics
MPH 560 Business and Marketing for Public Health
MPH 570 Social and Behavioral Health
MPH 590 Environment and Society
MPH 630 Global Environment and International Policy

My personal bio includes my husband, a water engineer with the State of Nebraska, a grown daughter who works in I.T., and a grown son, who teaches mathematics, also at Union Adventist University. My daughter is married, and has blessed our family with one lively granddaughter. We have two cats and two dogs. I also enjoy travel, reading, gardening, cooking, and quilting.