Trisha Broy

Assistant Professor of Religion

Religion Program
DB 412A

Dr. Trisha Broy studied at Andrews University, where she completed a B.A. in Religion and Biblical Languages, an M.A. in Biblical Archaeology, and a Ph.D. in Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Biblical Archeology. She also studied for three years at the University of Memphis where she earned an M.A. in History, concentrating exclusively on the history, language, and art of ancient Egypt. Dr. Broy?s research focuses on Old Testament studies, biblical backgrounds, and the archaeology of the ancient near east. Her doctoral dissertation was titled, ?Enduring Traditions, the Collared Pithos of Transjordan.? It examined the development of large-quantity storage vessels and the implications of their presence (or absence) on the issue of Israelite immigration into the southern Levant during the end of the Late Bronze Age and early Iron Age. A digital version of her research can be viewed here:

Dr. Broy has spent the majority of the last twenty summers on archaeological excavation projects around the world. She has worked on sites in Tennessee and Italy, but most of her time has been spent in Jordan. She worked as part of the excavation team at Tall Jalul for several years. Currently, she is a field supervisor for the Khirbat Safra project ? an early Iron Age site overlooking the Dead Sea. The project, led by Dr. Paul Gregor, chair of the Old Testament Department at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, seeks to elucidate the daily lives of the town?s eleventh-century inhabitants within the larger historical and archaeological context of the early Iron Age.

Dr. Broy grew up as the daughter of a pastor and conference administrator. Her childhood was spent in South Carolina, Virginia, California, Florida, and Wisconsin. She has had a life-long, behind-the-scenes view of ministry and has gained an appreciation for the challenges and triumphs faced by the families of church workers. Her more direct experience in ministry includes a year of service as a student missionary in Yokohama, Japan, where she led multiple Bible study groups and taught classes in English language studies. Dr. Broy has taught Religion and Old Testament courses for Griggs University and the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. She has also served several years as a lay leader in Youth and Collegiate ministries, and as a Pathfinder Club Director. She currently serves as an assistant professor of Religion and Theology at Union Adventist University.

Dr. Broy is married to Joe, and together they share three sons and one daughter. Trisha enjoys travel, books, and camping.