Inspiring our community to be healthy

“Every staff member I’ve met at Larson deserves five stars for their hospitality, kindness, encouragement and desire to serve. As I head out, my favorite desk clerk always says, ‘Have a blessed day!’

Coming to Larson — that makes me feel blessed as I start my day.”

- Tom Safranek, community member

We teach more swimming lessons than anyone else

Each year Larson Lifestyle Center offers nearly 2,500 swimming lessons — more than any other provider in Lincoln — including all three YMCA facilities combined.

 The most popular pool in Lincoln needs a facelift.

As one of Lincoln’s few year-round indoor aquatics facilities featuring a 25-meter pool — and the only one in our part of town — Larson Lifestyle Center has long been a popular place for swimming lessons, lap swimming and water fitness classes.

For many, Larson Lifestyle Center has become a way of life, and countless members have developed lifelong friendships with each other and the students who work there.

An expanded facility, including many pool area upgrades, will increase Larson’s appeal to community users by providing a stable roof, better climate control, more exercise options, better locker rooms, and a more inviting entrance. Community use not only brings revenue into the university to help operate the facility, but provides a great learning experience for our students.

“As a lifeguard and swim instructor at Larson Lifestyle Center, I’ve built friendships with many community members who swim there.

One member, Mr. Ted, loved sharing his World War II stories, which often turned into life advice. He coached us through heartbreaks, successes and major life events. At his funeral, a whole section was filled with his Union College friends. When I step into a classroom as a teacher, any confidence I feel will be in large part thanks to my experience at Larson Lifestyle Center.

The facility has aged and desperately needs updates and upgrades to keep the community using the facility. Please support Union’s campaign to expand Larson Lifestyle Center so another generation of Union students can share the same experience I did.”

Laryssa Schnell McFadyen
2018 elementary education graduate who worked as a lifeguard and swimming teacher at Larson Lifestyle Center from 2008-2018.
photo of Laryssa Schnell McFadyen