International Relations

Analyze global politics

The world is in need of leaders and thinkers who can help countries progress towards economic and social development.

Whether you focus on finance & business, foreign policy, government service or communications, the International Relations degree at Union Adventist University can assist your path for a future career.

Why study international relations?

  • Prepare for a career in foreign policy either within government or with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations.
  • Understand the interconnectedness of global politics and the economy in order to be a leader in international business.
  • Strengthen your knowledge of the challenges faced by citizens of developing nations to help run global aid organizations.

I had the privilege of representing Union at a United Nations Association USA Leadership Summit in 2017. While there I was able to listen to and meet many influential people and learned the importance of my international relations degree. This major blends the business, economic and political fields all into one. No other major could prepare you to take on foreign policy better. At the summit, I networked with several business professionals who were willing to give me a job directly upon graduation.

Senga Rutebuka
a 2018 graduate making preparations to attend law school.
photo Senga Rutebuka

Real experience starts long before graduation.

of students complete an internship

In an increasingly interdependent world of nations and international organizations, what you do can make a difference. Know how to improve it through an International Relations degree at Union.

Why study at Union Adventist University?

  • Our program blends the study of political science, economics, history and communication on a global platform.
  • Go on trips with Union's IRR and Honors programs to developing nations — making concepts learned in the classroom come alive.
  • Through courses such as Modern Middle East, Africa's Global Emergence and Latin America and the Caribbean, you will broaden your knowledge allowing you the freedom to choose between many different fields such as cross-cultural communications, international commerce, international law, policy and foreign affairs.
  • Develop your skills through internships around the world — assisted by Union Adventist University—that will help prepare you for a career in International Relations even before graduation.

International Relations Degree Completion Guide 2020-2021

The International Relations program has played a critical role in shaping me to be ready to take part in the interdependent world that is ever changing. It has given me a better awareness of cultures, societies, and systems that will be useful in helping countries in development progress towards economic and social improvement.

Tuyisenge Dina
senior international relations major from Ohio.
photo Tuyisenge Dina

Your career options

Political scientist

Keep track of financial accounts and ensure taxes are paid by organizations or individuals.

Job outlook
8% growth (average)

Median pay


Provide guidance to businesses and individuals making investment decisions.

Job outlook
6% growth (average)

Median pay

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