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Undergraduate fields of study

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Photo of Lisa Forbes helping a student.


Where everyone counts

Photo of a instructor looking at a body.

Biomedical Science

A career of healthcare opportunities

Photo of a business student.

Business Administration

Building leaders one experience at a time

Photo of student in chemistry lab.


Contains the elements for success

Photo of a professor instructing students.


The key to life

Photo of teacher instructing students.

Computer Science

Build systems to help people

Photo of teacher helping child.


Guide future generations

Photo of student writing on board.


Clarity, concision and creativity

Photo a business class.

Finance and Management

Today’s business leaders

Photo of teacher instructing students.

Graphic Design

The art of visual communication

Photo of a student running.

Health and Human Performance

Active learning, active living

Photo of professor teaching courses.


Study the past for a better future

Photo of student balancing a globe.

International Relations

Broader horizons, brighter futures

Photo of student receiving aid.

International Rescue and Relief

A career of adventure, a lifetime of service

Photo of a business class.


Selling your business to the world

Photo of student doing math.


To infinity and beyond

Photo of students by a monument.

Modern Languages

Open a window to a new world

Photo of a student playing instrument.


Give your heart a voice

Photo of nurses holding a baby.


The heart of healthcare

Photo of ota professional helping student.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Empowered for life

Photo of a teacher instructing student.

Photo and Video Imaging

Image-inning your future

Photo of a PA student taking blood pressure.

Pre-Physician Assistant

A bachelor's to accelerate your future

Photo of people looking at brain.


Unlock the secrets of the mind

Photo of a theology student in front of stained glass windows.

Religion and Theology

Spread the beauty of the gospel

Photo of teacher instructing course.

Social Work

Do justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.