Marketers use creativity to advertise or promote their organization.


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If you love to find creative ways to change opinions and persuade potential customers in order to build your organization, then marketing may be the perfect major for you.

Marketers help develop goods and services desired by a set of potential customers and then creatively develop the best ways to market their company's products to those customers.

Why become a marketer?

  • Develop new products and bring new ideas to life.
  • Build a variety of skills depending on interest (such as selling, research or development).
  • Use creative thinking to accomplish goals.
  • Marketers are in strong demand in the business world; in fact, job growth is well above average.

As a student, Union pushed me to take my skills and enhance them inside and outside of the classroom. As the Marketing Assistant in the Integrated Marketing Communications office, I was able to put my knowledge to use through analyzing data to creating social media content, to planning and scheduling video shoots and much more. During every step of my college career, Union helped me navigate what career path would best align to my passions and strengths.

Camille Darrell Kaldahl
2018 graduate, Ambulatory Network Analyst at Shawnee Mission Health.
photo Camille Darrell Kaldahl

Real experience starts long before graduation.

of students complete internships.

At Union Adventist University, we understand the importance of experience. That's why we connect you with experienced marketers who can teach you valuable lessons—from professors, to local business leaders to mentors in internships.

Why study at Union Adventist University?

  • Learn from professors with marketing experience.
  • Strong relationships with multiple hospital systems that provide great internships for our students.
  • Small class sizes allow for more personal interaction with professors who care about your success.
  • We focus on practical application of what you learn. You'll give a professional sales presentation, compete with classmates to develop branding strategy for products and more!

I was a marketing major, but took a finance class my junior year. It was hard for me and I struggled in the beginning. My professor pulled me aside to ask me why I was underperforming in his class. He had talked to some of my professors and knew that I was capable of more. He pushed me to perform at my best that entire semester and I have always appreciated that he was willing to invest in me and put in the extra effort to help me reach my potential.

Cody Davidson Jahn
2005 graduate, owner of High Plains Holdings.
photo Cody Davidson Jahn

Majors and minors

Marketing — Learn to portray a company’s image to others, research consumer needs, manage a sales process and effectively advertise products/services. (Degree completion guide)

Business administration with an emphasis in marketing — four-year bachelor of science 

Business administration — (two-year associate of science degree)

Business is in all fields; this degree gives you a solid base of business knowledge and can stand on its own or pair well with other four-year degrees. (Degree completion guide)

All business-related majors are offered as a business administration degree. Here are all the options available for business administration:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Small Business Management.

Your career options

Market research analyst

Help companies research potential markets and understand who will buy their products, when and for how much.

Job outlook
13% growth (faster than average)

Median pay

Event planner

Arrange conventions, professional meetings and events—including coordinating schedules, travel and accommodations.

Job outlook
8% growth (average)

Median pay

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