Music and art - do what moves you.

If you love to add meaning to life through music or visual arts, then a degree in music or art may be the perfect fit for you.

Why study music?

  • Follow your calling to fill the world with beauty and wonder.
  • Explore rewarding careers as a performer, educator, technician and more.
  • Learn important values such as teamwork, practice and time management.
  • Use your gifts and passion to reach other for God.

I chose Union because a passionate teacher recruited me and I liked the down-to-earth atmosphere. My practicum experiences through the education program gave me hands-on experience in a classroom and eased me into the role of a teacher. I feel I have come out of the program well equipped to take on any classroom management issue that I might face.

Steven Hutchinson
2011 graduate—now director of music at Midland Adventist Academy in Shawnee, Kansas.
photo Steven Hutchinson

Real experience starts long before graduation.

Union Adventist University has an extensive Music program that specializes in Music, Music Education (Instrumental K-12 and Vocal K-12) and Music Performance (Instrumental, Keyboard and Vocal). The Union Adventist University Music Program encourages students to nurture their artistic and musical talents to further serve God and others around them.

Why study at Union Adventist University?

  • Small class sizes allow for more personal interaction with professors who care about your success.
  • A wide variety of choral and instrumental ensemble groups provide many opportunities to hone your craft, perform and travel.
  • Take lessons from experts in nearly every instruments thanks to talented faculty and a thriving music community in Lincoln.

One of the biggest reasons I love Union's music program is that each of the professors and instructors connected with me on a personal level and gave me insight on more than just the basics of my music education. They went beyond that and suggested ways for me to network with other individuals outside of the school. I definitely attribute the many great opportunities I’ve enjoyed to the advice and encouragement they provided me before—and now after graduation.

Daniel Ikpeama
2016 graduate, now in a choral conducting graduate program at University of Nebraska.
photo Daniel Ikpeama

Majors and minors

Union Adventist University offers the following music degrees:

  • Music—bachelor of arts degree: guide
  • Music—bachelor of science degree: guide
  • Music—bachelor of science with biomedical science emphasis: guide
  • Music—bachelor of science with sacred music emphasis: guide
  • Music performance—bachelor of music degree with two emphases:
    • Instrumental or keyboard emphasis: guide
    • Vocal emphasis: guide
  • Music pedagogy—associate of science degree: guide

Music education options:

  • Vocal music education—bachelor of science degree with K-12 endorsement: guide
  • Music education—bachelor of music degree with K-12 endorsement and two emphases:
    • Instrumental or keyboard emphasis: guide
    • Vocal emphasis: guide

Your career options

Music director and composer

Lead orchestras and other musical groups during performances and recording sessions as well as write and arrange original music in a variety of musical styles.

Job outlook
1% growth (little change)

Median pay

Broadcast and sound engineering technician

Set up, operate, and maintain the electrical equipment for radio programs, television broadcasts, concerts, sound recordings, and movies.

Job outlook
2% (average)

Median pay

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