Occupational Therapy Assistant

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Sometimes people face challenges in their ability to do everyday tasks—cooking a meal, getting dressed or even work, play or leisure activities—due to conditions such as physical injury, mental illness or learning disabilities.

Occupational therapy assistants partner with occupational therapists to help clients engage in the activities—occupations—they value and return to independence.

Occupational therapy practitioners approach care in a holistic way—working with clients to meet their goals and participate fully in all areas of their life. 

If you love helping people in creative ways, want a great start salary and to work in one of the fastest growing fields in America—occupational therapy assistant may be the perfect fit for you.

Why become an Occupational Therapy Assistant?

  • It is one of the fastest growing jobs in the country, projected to increase by 28 percent over the next 10 years.
  • A chance to work in many different settings including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, school systems, community health, wellness programs and more.
  •  A fulfilling career with excellent starting pay and job growth.

Help clients live a fuller, more successful life.

best health care support career

A rewarding career with great pay.

fastest growing job in the U.S.

At Union Adventist University, we believe human beings are created by God to live fulfilling lives. We teach our students to treat every client as a unique individual with their own set of beliefs, emotions, desires and struggles.

Through extensive hands-on experience and rigorous coursework, we equip each graduate with the right tools to be ethical, professional, effective occupational therapy assistants, called by God to serve their community, and who are highly sought after by employers.

Why study at Union Adventist University?

  • We engage students through a wide variety of teaching methods to help each learner find their own way of learning.
  • Our small class sizes and mentoring style give students the personal attention they need to succeed in their God-given calling.
  • We employ configurable labs that simulate real-world environments and give our students the opportunity to practice skills before trying them with clients.
  • Union's two-year program will get you into a great paying job sooner with less time and financial investment.

It doesn’t quite hit you as hard until you’re standing in a room with someone who has just experienced one of the most traumatic times in their life. Working with my patients has grown my empathy and given me a lot of perspective on my own life. It's amazing how much of a difference time and skilled care made. I’ve been able to see changes in patients’ lives as they’ve improved in their abilities, and I love helping make that difference.

Abigail Allen
2022 graduate
photo of Abigail Allen

About the progam

Union Adventist University offers an associate’s degree with an occupational therapy assistant major. You may enter the 4-semester OTA program directly if you have completed the prerequisite courses, or enroll in the 5-semester program, which includes a pre-OTA semester if you don't already have general education credits. Learn how to guarantee your spot as a first-year student.

That means you can be changing lives and earning real money in just two years.