PA Foot Clinic

Service—the heart of who we are.

At Union Adventist University, we believe the body is a divine gift. This affects everything we do. It affects our teachers and why they do what they do. It affects our students and what motivates them. It affects our curriculum. We believe that healthcare is a calling, not just a job.

Once accepted into one of our programs, you begin helping people as soon as possible. You’ll see real patients as a part of your course work. And not just at our cooperating hospitals and clinics, but in surprising places, too. Since the 1990s, Union Adventist University PA and nursing students have been volunteering at Matt Talbot Community Kitchen and Outreach. There, they put their time and effort into giving something most people take for granted—foot care. They clean and, if needed, bandage the feet of people who are not able to do it themselves. While caring for the patients' feet and handing out new socks and shoes or shoe vouchers, they take the time to get to know their patients. God has chosen us to help the least of these, and at Union, we take that commission seriously.

For more information on how to support the Foot Clinic, contact the PA Program at 402.486.2527, or visit the following website: