Transfer student checklist

We are excited you are considering Union Adventist University as a place to finish your degree! We want the transfer process to go as smoothly as possible. If you have questions at any point, please contact our enrollment office at 402.486.2504 or


Step 1: Get accepted to Union Adventist University

  • Apply for free online!
    • Interested in applying to our nursing program click here!
  • Send all previous college transcripts
    • Unofficial transcripts may be emailed to
    • Official transcripts will need to be sent as well - please request that they be sent to:
      Enrollment Services
      3800 S. 48th St.
      Lincoln, NE 68506

Step 2: get financially cleared

  • See which scholarships you would qualify for
  • Learn about our costs
  • See your monthly payment:
    • Submit the FAFSA and include Union Adventist University (code: 002563) as one of the schools to receive it
    • Complete the financial questionnaire by logging in to Portal, clicking on the My Financial Aid portion and choosing “Financial Questionnaire” from the menu.
    • You’ll be sent your monthly payment plan and be able to choose to accept, decline or revise the loans, grants and scholarships offered in your payment plan.
  • Make your confirmation deposit to start registering for classes.

Step 3: submit other important forms and documents

  • Student housing: Residence halls or off-campus housing
    • If you are considering off-campus housing please note that off-campus housing is only available to students who are either: married, at least 22 years old, or 21 years old and have enough college credits to be considered a senior.
  • To sign-up for a room in one of our residence halls, please fill out this form.
  • Submit proof of high school completion: Federal regulations require us to validate completion of secondary education. Please send us one of the following:
    • a copy of your final high school transcript with graduation date,
    • a copy of your high school diploma with graduation date,
    • verification of completion of GED.

Step 4: provide immunization records and health history

  • Required health and immunization forms must be submitted via the uHealth Portal. After logging in to uHealth, you will be required to submit: 
    • Personal Health History Form (may be completed online by the student or guardian) 
    • Required immunization records (these may be obtained from your physician and then scanned and uploaded in the uHealth portal). You need proof of the following: 
      • MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) two vaccines after the first birthday or an antibody lab titer proving immunity.
      • Meningococcal vaccines (PDF) (1 shot at 16 years or older) or a waiver form signed if living in the residence hall (must be signed by parent if student is under 19 years old).
      • Upload your completed Tuberculosis Screen Questionnaire (available through uHealth) and submit the results of a quantiferon test. 
        • Students can receive the test in the Campus Health office if one cannot be obtained prior to arrival. 
    • Students younger than 19: Medical Treatment Authorization to Minors. This needs to be printed, signed by a parent or legal guardian and then upload a scan or image of it to the uHealth portal.
    • Consider the additional recommended vaccines*:
      • Tetanus (Tdap) to be within the past 10 years
      • Polio series (3-4 shots)
      • Varicella (chickenpox) vaccines (2 shots) or Varicella lab titer proving immunity.
      • Hepatitis B series (3 shots) or lab titer proving immunity. 
        *If you are participating in the physician assistantnursing or international rescue and relief program, or you will be traveling internationally on a Union-sponsored mission trip, you will be required to have these four vaccines.

Please allow some time to process all incoming health data. If you have questions, contact the Campus Health office at


Step 4: map out your graduation plan

  • Explore our academic bulletin and learn about the classes you need in order to graduate
  • Submit official transcripts from all previous institutions to Union (if you’ve already done this, great!)

Did you take an AP course or CLEP a class? Contact College Board directly to request these transcripts be sent to Union Adventist University.

Will my credits transfer? Click here to learn about transferring credits

Helpful contact info

Enrollment Services 

The people who help you get accepted.
402.486.2504 or

Student Financial Services 

The people who help you figure out how to pay for it all.
402.486.2505 or

Records Office

The people who know all the academic details and policies to help you graduate.
402.486.2529 or